2001-2004 | The Heart. Jewellery and objects in plastic, gold, silver and bronze.

Heart works

  • Exhibitions »2018The Dowse Art Museum2008Valentine, curator Mari Keto,Gallery Iron, Copenhagen/Denmark.2007Absolute beauty, 16th international Silver art Competition, Gallery of Art, Legnica/Poland.Des habits et nous - Vêtir nos identités, curator Monique Manoha, Rennes Museum. On tour in France.Glasswear, curator Dr.Ursula Neuman, New York Museum of Arts and Design. On tour USA/Germany.Toledo Museum of Art, Pforzheim Jewellery Museum/Germany.2006Smykkenes Avantgard, Det Round Tower, Copenhagen/Denmark. Curator group Au Art.2005Tatort/ Tatwort, Gallery Marzee, Nijmigen/The Netherlands. Class Otto Künzli.Puls, Gallery der Schmiede, Aying/Germany.Unlimited, presenting Jewellery out of the box, Gallery Wittenbrink Fünf Höfe, Munich/Germany.Aufgebockt, Boardroom Academy of Arts in Munich/Germany. Class Otto Künzli.2004Synchronize, Gallery Yu, Tokyo.Pedaloop, Dianatempel, Hofgarten Munich. Juweel, St. Nicolaas Chapel, Amsterdam. 2003Anillo Extra Virgine, Boardroom Academy of Arts in Munich/Germany. Class Otto Künzli. In aller stille, curator Daniel Bräg, Franziskaner Museum, Villingen – Schwenningen/Germany.Tatort/ Koffer - My Suitcase is my Oyster, Gallery Marzee, Nijmegen/The Netherlands. Class Otto Künzli2002Right on time, curator Daniel Bräg, Dom Museum Frankfurt Am Main/Germany. Schmuck, Städtische Gallery in Cordon house, Cham/Germany. Class Otto Künzli.from OO to OO, Gallery Oona, Berlin/Germany. Class Otto Künzli. Ladies First, Main hall East Academy of Arts in Munich/Germany. Class Otto Künzli.
  • Publications »2013Kunsthåndverk, Norwegian craft Magazine, Nr 3 and 4, page 12 - 19.Contemporary Jewellery in Perspective, Lark Publisher. ISBN 978-1-4547-0277-12012Baltic Jewellery, nr 22 page 56-59.201121st Century Jewellery, Lark Publisher. ISBN 978-1-60059-521-0Metalsmith, page 56,57.2010Gray Area, Contemporary Jewellery and Cultural Diversity. Published by the Mexican Library.2008Des Wahnsinns Fette Beute, Arnoldsche Art Publisher. ISBN 978-3-89790-281-7Nanna Melland, Publication supported by the Debut Prize at the Art Academy of Munich.2007Glasswear, Arnoldsche Art Publisher. ISBN 978-3-89790-274-9 Absolute Beauty, Gallery of Legnica Publication. Des Habits et nous Vêtir nos Identités, Rennes University Publication. ISBN 978-2-7535-0386-12006Kunsthåndverk, Norwegian Craft Magazine. Nr 99, p. 36, 37. Unlimited, presenting jewellery out of the box. Amsterdam, Munich, Tokyo.Tatort Tatwort, Gallery Marzee Publication. 2005New Directions in Jewellery, Black Dog Publishing. ISBN 1-904-7722-19-6Schweizerische Ärztezeitung, Swiss Medical Magazine, Medicorum Helveticorum publication, nr 51/52, p.2843/2844.Tatort Tatwort, Marzee Magazine Nr 44. 2004So En, Fashion Magazine Japan, p.101.2003Tatort Koffer, Marzee Magazine Nr 32.
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